Headshot Packages.

Let me introduce myself - my name is Kirill and my journey into the TV and Film industry began 20 years ago when I was studying to be a Director of Photography (DOP). So beautiful TV and film lighting is my thing! Luckily for everyone I brought those skills into shooting headshots.


£140 for Students
up to 1 hour Session
150 Images Taken
1 look (outfit change)
Studio & Outside
2 Retouched image
Online Private Gallery
No Booking Fee, No Hidden Charges


£160 for Students
up to 2 hours Session
300 Images Taken
3 looks (outfit changes)
Studio & Outside
4 Retouched images
Online Private Gallery
No Booking Fee, No Hidden Charges


£210 for Students
up to 2.5 hours Session
500 Images Taken
6 looks (outfit changes)
Studio & Outside
6 Retouched images
Online Private Gallery
No Booking Fee, No Hidden Charges

Headshot Gallery.

A headshot must be what YOU need agents, managers and casting directors to know about you. You must know what you want to say in your shot. And, it's my responsibility to make sure that the image says what you need it to say and brings out the most bookable you.

Actor Headshot Gallery

Actress Headshot Gallery

Classic Black & White Gallery

What To Expect.

On the day, right before we start shooting we will have a little chat with nice cup of tea or coffee where I will find out the specifics of what you need and what these headshots will be used for, so I can tailor our shoot to match your needs.

I will start our shoot in the studio and if the weather or light permits we can go outside and do some natural light shots in the garden across the street. During the shoot I will be giving you directions concerning the character I would like to see from you. For example I can say, let's go for a determined, focused look or a kind thoughtful doctor or a romantic lead etc. We will go with the flow to get a nice range of shots. Also, importantly, during the shoot I will be showing you results of what I'm doing so you can see our progress. Depending on your headshot package, the duration of the shoot will vary as will the amount of images and looks (clothes changes).

After The Shoot.

After the shoot we will go through images together and I'll give you my input on the strongest shots. I'll upload all your images into online private gallery so you can view your headshot session at home in your own time. Also you can send the link to your session to your agent.

Depending on your package you will have a number of images to choose for retouching (airbrushing) where I will edit out blemishes and work on adjustments to the overall image, to make it look even better! And you can decide on those later, when you are ready. Usually you send a selection of 20 or so shots to your agent, principal or someone who is in the industry and then they can help you pick the final shots for editing. All you'll have to do is to email me your final choice and I'll send you high resolution edited version in colour and black&white back in a few days.


- Do you shoot on film or digital?
- All images will be taken with professional digital camera.

- How & When will I get my pictures?
- I'll email you a link to an online private gallery with all images the same day. I can also make you a CD with all shots straight after the shoot at no extra cost.

- Do you shoot on weekends?
- Yes I do, at no extra charge.

- What should I bring to the shoot?

Black and a white shirt
Black and a white t-shirt/top ('V' and 'round' neck)
Black dress (for girls)
Black 'V' and 'round' jumper.
Turtle neck jumper
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Book Now.

To book your session please email me
your available dates to mail@kirill.co.uk
or call 07927 942822.

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